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Be Berlin!

Theatre piece, Stage Design

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Be Berlin! A portrait of the city from an Italian point of view.

The idea of this documentary theatre piece was the representation of the excessive Italian media talk about Berlin in the 2010s. The city has become a tourist destination for many Italians, air connections have been intensified and numerous school trips have been organized, anyway, a mostly exaggerated media boom.

The representation, the result of various interviews with Italians who have lived for more or less years in Berlin, is a collage of moments on a city in the making and still under construction, which has nothing to do with the fictitious media campaign.

Susanne Ratschiller joined the Teatro Instabile, a cultural association of Italians, in Berlin as an assistant for stage design. The director’s main idea was to set up some glimpses of the actual historic moment:

The construction sites all around the city are represented at the very beginning of the performance – single scenery pieces scattered all over the stage.

The characters had to “reconstruct” the city, including two pieces of the Berlin Wall – Susanne Ratschiller designed the way to compose the single scenery pieces and trained the actors how to build up the stage set during the show. Her extraordinary problem solving and her uncommon spatial ability were a great benefit to this task.

The all-pervading Berlin-advertising slogans – a nursery rhyme of slogans while rising red frames.

The two pieces of the Berlin wall, built on stage, gave room to the radio box first – the Italian media – and to the blue fairy’s house then – the fictitious campaign.

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