The green bug

Ottobre 31, 2020




In many parts of Tuscany October means having your home overrun by green bugs, looking for a warm place. You will find them most likely in your laundry, behind your curtains or moving out clumsily from your wall lamp when the lightbulb is getting too hot. It sounds like having a helicopter in your room when they try to fly from one side to the other and finally bump against the window to find themselves upside down on the floor.

At first I didn’t even touch them with a tissue, my brave husband took them outside. With bare hands! After two winters hanging out with our green fellows (they joined us from behind the sofa, delighted us with their night flights in our sleeping room smashing against a wall, held family meetings in the laundry soap box until spring) I got used to them. I carefully let them climb on a piece of paper or a tissue (they prefer white) and brought them outside. I admit it: once out I flicked them away.

Then I realized that I’d have to share several months of the year in their company, so it would be better to get friends. I started to observe them closely, I always liked the bright green colour, and discovered those little white triangles on the back and how their legs and their wings are made and, come to think of it, if you don’t scare them they won’t stink.

This was the birth of the collection. With my Green Bug Collection I want to show you the beautiful side of this tiny animals. It would be an overdoing asking you to make friends, I’d be happy if they just didn’t scare you anymore.

Nowadays I help my little mates turning upside down after crashing, letting them hold onto my finger tip. Without any tissue.

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