Ottobre 31, 2020




We are born unique, but growing up we try everything to be like others, to be part of a group (some try to be different and become part of the alternative group). Coming to a certain point we recognize not being happy and, if we are lucky, sooner or later we realize that it’s because we are not going our way: we have become ordinary. That’s the moment to return to being ourselves, unique, as we were as children.

My one-off collection is not meant to be an alternative collection. There’s definitely a common thread, it’s an artisan work and no serial production, you’ll find a recurrent material selection (as long as there is some of the same material, I use it), but each object is the result of a new idea and/or a new artistic or craft experimentation. There is a common thread in my attitude, that’s where my creations come out: I’m a great observer, collector and editor, I always preferred listening to talking. Doing so I collect images, sounds, music, other people’s ways of thinking and doing, wonders of nature and science and everything that inspires me somewhere in my mind or in my stockroom. Maybe it stays there for months or years, but when the time comes, my mind finds the perfect matching out of all these things.

The one-off pieces are based on different objects: antique or disused furniture, unremarkable cabinetry, empty bottles and so on. I like to recycle objects and materials, but in a smart way: creating new, attractive and useful ones (I find no sense in creating something out of recycled materials that after a while ends up in the trash anyway), all with meticulous and quality work.

Some objects aren’t born unique, I make them become such.

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